A great New Year & lots of shinies...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy CNY 2006! Haha...it's a little too late to say this now but who cares. I've been pretty lazy to post new stuff on my blog lately. I can't even remember the last time i uploaded a new post until now. Yup, my A Level results were out 2 weeks ago. I only got 3Bs, much to my disappointment. I was expecting to get an A for Math but what the hell...on the other hand, I felt pretty surprised & happy because I scored straight As for Economics resit papers. If it wasn't the D grade for Paper 4, I could've gotten an A for Econs. Dammit!

Chinese New Year in Ipoh was pretty ok...what more can I say. Getting ang paus is the most exciting of all, obviously! The other fun part was meeting my cousins. Just sitting down oggling at their pretty boy faces was already satisfying (laughs). I even had stomachache a few times thanks to my elder cousin. Why? His jokes were too funny (or lame or stupid?). During the street party in Ipoh, he stood guard to make sure me, my sis & my other cousin sis is safe. Awwww...he's such a nice bro. I adore him soo much~! I supposed my ang pau collection amount is approximately RM500 & above. I really couldn't believe it after having a peek in my last angpau from my Ipoh aunt. Furthermore, I have yet to receive my salary & the deposit....ahhhh, I feel so rich this year. A prosperous year, indeed! One step closer to obtaining an mp3 player!! (a Sony Network Walkman A1000, eh?)

I bought w-inds. "PRIME OF LIFE" Live Tour 2004 DVD recently. Ohmigod, it was fantastic. This was the first time I bought w-inds. dvd & I love it. The 1st Live Tour VCD I had was a far cry from the DVD. And I really cannot wait for the ageha tour DVD. Why is the VCD out & not the DVD? Stupid music shops. I felt like collecting all of their concerts but I don't know why I decided not to buy SYSTEM OF ALIVE tour the other day. Maybe getting the VCD is good enough since the concert may not be as good as ageha & PRIME OF LIFE, ne~? Not to forget, w-inds. will be releasing their 18th single, "IT'S IN THE STARS" on 22/2/06. I'm soooo anxious...I won't be buying their single...it's just too pricey. Sorry w-inds., I'm gonna download your new single. I'm about to watch the pv preview now. They looked SUPER HOT! *drools* I just want my ageha dvd right now!!! Mum, I'd wished you would allow me to order the DVD online. Perhaps the Japan version if our player could play it? *cries* Look, there's a postcard included in DVD. :D