Bad timing

Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm so slow at updating my blog ne~ *smiles sheepishly*. Last week, I was accepted to work in THAT bank I mentioned in my previous post. I was delighted because the pay is pretty decent for data entry work. THE bank is paying me RM995 a month & required me to serve 3 months. Unfortunately, I had to decline the job & called them the next day. I was unable to fully fulfil the 3 months job because my uni's intake is coming up. THE bank didn't need me after all. If there is a 2 months job, they would contact me (which I doubt so). How disappointing! I could've earned RM2000++ (I'm soo close to getting my Walkman~ *sobs*).

When the girl from Tower Records called me last Saturday evening to inform that my ageha DVD had arrived, I was utterly shocked! Ohmigod...she managed to order one for me & it came all the way from Taiwan. My mood lifted up once again. I quickly followed mum for shopping & collected the dvd. The DVD was RM82.90, no joke. A little too pricey compared to PRIME OF LIFE DVD. But heck, it was worthed every cent because that DVD rocks big time~! I went to bed at 3am that night after watching the entire 1st disc & a little bit from the 2nd disc. *grins proudly* :P Mum found out that I paid so much for that thing...and called me a crazy nuthead. I ignored her...I found out that w-inds. is bound to release their 5th album on March 15. Geez, I just got my DVD recently and seems like I'm getting "poorer". I wish someone would be nice enough to buy their new album for my birthday *tsk tsk* (my birthday is on March 19). This time the poses on their new album cover has been toned down rather than their usual high flying & kicking positions. Less colourful compared to ageha & only gray shades is used. There's 2 version for the cover though I personally prefer the regular edition (pic below).

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention their new single. It was released a few days ago. Of course, I didn't buy's insane having to pay RM40++ for it. So I downloaded it and I was very, very impressed. The single & coupling songs are interlinked, exactly like house music. Like what Keita said, this single leaves a deep impression whenever we listen to it. I was addicted to it & right now, those songs are still spinning in my head. The PV was hilarious & there were some cute moments which I personally like. However, the spaceship looked awful. One of the worst CG I've ever seen. Even the CG used in ageha PV was much better.

My best friend got hitched with a guy from the same uni recently. Hmm...I was a little envious & jealous at first. After some serious thought, I told myself I shouldn't be feeling like this. How silly of me for being jealous! Besides, why should I even bother? There are other things that require more of my attention...

[Image courtesy of IdolThoughts]