Friday, June 29, 2007

Okay, the test wasn't so bad except that Question 2 (c) turned out to be a little mind-bogging. All I did was wrote a paragraph & proceed to the next question. I'm expecting to get a pretty low grade for this test. hell with it!

I went to college rather early today at 10am. In fact, I don't have classes on Fridays but being a good buddy; I deliberately went to support their Talent Nite Promo Show. But that only started at 1pm. What did I do for the whole morning then? I went to settle my lost ATM card issue since I couldn't get it done at the Section 14 branch. Just because they ran out of stock for ATM cards -_-". Bummer! Too many customers, is it?

Then, off I went to Maybank to bank-in for my prom dress. Yes~ I've decided at the very last minute to attend Intiball. In addition to that, I was requested by Jonathan (Intiball Organising Chairperson) to be his partner so that I can sit with him at the VIP table. Wow! Back to the dress. I thought of getting a new one since I've worn my old black chiffon dress for 2 yrs. Yeah I know...the fashion police should've arrest me earlier for wearing the same dress to proms.

I told Mum about this green halter dress that I'm planning to get from eBay. There she goes again making comments just like the last time in Rest & Relax boutique. I mean, she should know better that I can't fit well in dresses with sizes so a free size, stretchable one would be appropriate. And this dress is free size at the price of RM59.90. Can you imagine that? I can afford to keep aside & not wear it anymore if it doesn't look nice. It's only RM59.90 for God's sake & it's imported from Korea. What more can you ask for such a cheap dress? See it for yourself.

Mum said I could buy it if I really want it. Ah, I'm paying for it neways ^^. After that, I headed to the library to read some books & waste time. Found this really interesting book to read & decided to borrow it back home. I bet most of you heard of this book called Confessions of a Shopaholic. I realised that I'm kinda act like a shopaholic at times considering the way I spent on things not necessary. Especially on Dong Bang stuffs. Hmm, no...that's more like obsession. Oh whatever~ *shrugs* That female progtagonist is just insane. She still shops though her credit card was overdrawn by 6000 quids. Gosh...doesn't she wanna think about how to settle her bills before buying something else? Scary~ o_O

Well, the promo show turned out to be okay sans the unresponsive audiences. Though okay but not great. Perhaps the lack of coordination & cooperation between the organising committee members led to this problem. I wish them luck for the actual event on July 14. I'll be going again to support. See how much I love my friends? XD