Friday, June 08, 2007

I posted pics of the concert goods, necklace & phone strap on the Dong Bang LJ comm yesterday. Just for the sake of sharing with the members on how the goods really looked like. I believe that not many members have the opportunity to buy those concert goods. The least I could do is to allow them to take a closer look at the stuffs through pics.

Apparently my intentions were not appreciated & even misconstrued. Some idiot accused that what I've done was a sign of bragging. "It's like an attempt to make others envious & jealous of her", according to the aforementioned fella. Yeah, yeah. I wanna tell everyone "look at what I bought OMG"... *rolls eyes*

The fact that I do have things to show off. So?? Does she have a problem with that? I couldn't be bothered if she really reads this post. She gave me my very first flame on the net, btw. And it was rather interesting to know that ppl can be jealous & so childish in the cyberworld as well. Perhaps she has a horrible or tragic childhood, just like what my netpal said XD. We should be more considerate...*injects sarcasm*

Call herself a Dong Bang fan? Ugh. I'm disgusted. Dong Bang fans never flame each other. She's better off getting a mirror for self-reflection. Some Dong Bang fan, huh? *snorts*