Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jeng, jeng! My huge package just arrived yesterday. *squee* Since the box was enormous...

...I couldn't find a perfect spot to hide it from my Mum's prying eyes. And so, she made me opened up the box cuz she was curious about the items inside since the total amount listed on the EMS slip was about ¥10000 or more.

Here's are the content of the box. Mind you, these are my friend's orders.

Meanwhile, I only bought these stuff.

The tour pamphlet was quite worth it as it was printed on high quality paper. What's more, the photoshoots were awesome. If only the pamphlet was thicker, then it would be even more worth the money spent. As for the T-shirt, the ladies cut was great but it's kinda disappointing that the fabric quality was compromised. After seeing pics of the Dong Bang members wearing similar shirts (the words on their shirts had shiny sequins sewn on), I was half hoping that mine wouldn't turn out like that. I'm glad it wasn't shiny...*phew* as I didn't wanna end up like a disco ball at the chest part. Okay, the sequins wasn't so bad either but I like it simple. Simple means more ^^.

Ah, yes. The necklace. The pendant was smaller than I expected but I guess it would look great when I put it on. It is indeed beautiful & it was a mistake for not buying it earlier this year. Now, I have to pay a whopping high price for it -_-".

See the bling-bling? XD

It comes with a gift paper bag.

Of course, the jewellery was meant for Valentine's Day. This is a chocolate magnet, btw.

Alas, the last item on my shopping list which flew directly from Japan.

Look at what the Dong Bangs had done to me. Somebody pls kill me now...XD

P.S. My mum was complaining why I'm obsessed with cross-shaped pendant, earrings, yadi yada...to be frank, she dislikes anything that has a religious symbol. That's why she's making a fuss over it. I take any cross accessories as a fashion statement & I don't feel offended or don't mean to offend anyone about crosses. I'm supposed to be Buddhist but in reality; my practice is more atheistic.