Friday, June 01, 2007

You know...those discount or cash vouchers always never fail to attract us to buy stuffs that we WANT (not NEED, mind you XD). Most of the time, the vouchers have certain terms & conditions which make the so-called promotional benefits less favourable to customers. I don't mean all vouchers; but only some. Can't really blame the parties who issue the vouchers cuz all they wanna do is business. Who doesn't wanna cheat a little (in a legal way...) & earn extra profit?

Why am I telling y'all this? Cuz never in my life I've seen such a deceiving cash voucher. In fact, it's a really big cheat. This RM50 cash voucher was issued by this Chinese restaurant we went to previously. Not wanting to put it to waste, we decided to go there again for lunch. The incident happened last week but I forgot to share with you guys. We all know that cash vouchers work pretty much like cash & it's redeemable with any amount spent unless a minimum amount is stated clearly as part of the terms. The balance from the cash voucher will be forfeited if the amount spent is less than the cash voucher. Fair & square? Okay.

Our cash voucher turned out to be ambiguous. While large printed words of "RM50 Cash Voucher" were on the front, there's a clause which goes like this...

Redeemable up to 50% of the total bill

WTH?! Which means even if we only spent RM50 in total, the voucher will only cover RM25 & the remaining RM25 will have to be borne by us. Unfair~ Lets say, we spent RM100; at the end of the day we only pay RM50 cuz it's half the the total bill & the cash voucher is RM50. That's uh...fair. Take another example - we spend RM200 but we need to pay about RM150. Why? Cuz the cash voucher is only RM50. There's no way the voucher will deduct RM100. See the trick?

For God's sake... if the restaurant is dying to earn so much profit, just put the damned minimum amount spent as the part of the terms & conditions. Geez... *rolls eyes*

Scans are upped. See it for yourselves.