Saturday, June 16, 2007

I decided to take a break after sitting in front of my lappie for hours yesterday to work on my Direct Marketing assignment. Went to Mum's room - grabbed the Astro control - then plopped on the bed & started channel surfing. Then I came upon this movie called The Mistress of Spices starring Aishwarya Rai (did I spell it correctly? o_O) & Dylan McDermott. It looked pretty interesting in certain ways; a Bollywood star collaborating with an American celebrity, the logic behind spices worshipping & "talking" to spices.

It soon got rather a pain to watch cuz the idea of spice worshipping sounds pretty stupid. No offence but Tilo (Aishwarya Rai) had to promise herself that she won't leave the spices just so that she can date the white guy architect (Dylan McDermott). In the process of starting a relationship, she realised that her actions were causing troubles to her loyal spices customers who rely on her spices for certain purposes (not cooking, of course). I would say, a voodoo spell. She's not evil but she's some sort of a guardian of spices who manipulates these ingredients to help people. Apparently the spices' souls began to retaliate when Tilo starts to have feelings for that architect. Yeah, yeah... *rolls eyes*

The ending was definitely predictable. As usual, she vowed that she'll never break her promise to her spice & finally passed the test. She's free to date the guy as long as she never leaves the shop. -_-" Alrite, I have to admit that it was kinda waste of time to watch. I could've spend more time on my bad. Well, well. Time for assignments. Till then~