Wednesday, June 27, 2007

As I've promised, I'm here to bring the pics of the Japan GT Race 2007. Nope I'm not gonna upload them as it would be awfully troublesome. To save time, click here to read my friend's blog about the whole event. I find it hard to not read her blog cuz the way she described our road trip was fantastic.

Her blog is heavily overdosed with pics, mind you. Definitely not dial-up friendly. Don't say I didn't warn you. And those pics in her blog are not the complete ones. Imagine uploading all of them...o_O. I bet my friend's bandwidth would explode in no time.

Guys, drool all you want cuz there're lots of shots on those sexy GT queens imported all the way from The Land of The Rising Sun. Tsk, tsk...(Rising Sun reminds me so much about Dong Bang XD). After reading that post, leave some comments. Will ya? ^^

P.S. Boo-hoo! Retail Marketing test is tomorrow & I lost my ATM card -_-".