Monday, June 25, 2007

I forgot to tell you guys. Got myself a wifi router from Digital Mall at RM99. It's the Belkin model that I intend to buy. Retail price is RM159. Ain't that great news? XD *dances*


Ahh...what an enlightening experience~

The heat, the adrenaline rush, awesome mod-cars, hot sexy GT queens (no hot guys though -_-"), the crowd...

All these happenings still seemed overwhelming to me. Yes, I went to the Japan GT Race 2007 at Sepang F1 Circuit in case you're still wondering. Though it won't do good to get my butt there again next year, I'm glad I was part of the audiences cheering for God-know-who Japanese drivers & their superb driving skills. The feeling was undescribable. You just have to be there to experience it.

Aftermath of the event ---> a sun-burned face, temporary hearing loss & a BAD headache + bloodshot eyes.

The sacrifice I had to make just to watch the drivers zooming their cars round & round endlessly on the circuit (it seemed like eternity to me XD). There'll be pics upped soon. My cousin bro's old, busted Panasonic camera phone failed but I still had friends' cameras to rely on ^^. So hang in there while I grab pics from my generous buddies.

Things to note at the GT race:

  1. Surprisingly local drivers can drift pretty well. There's room for improvement, of course.
  2. The pitstop where all the GT cars were parked was opened for visitors with an admission of RM100 for 1 hour only.
  3. Everyone had pretty bad sunburn while Ms. Chang, our SAO officer had minimal ones. Jealous-nya~