Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally, I made up my mind to order the Death Note DVD box set. Phew! *sweats* I can't wait for it to arrive at my doorstep XD. Hmm, the package would probably take about 2 weeks or more to reach my house. Oh never mind...I'll be back before it comes. Ah before I forget, I'll be on a hiatus for umm, 3-4 days. I'm heading off to JB & then Singapore ^^. Don't be surprised if you don't see any updates. Hehe.

As promised, I went to college to help out my buddies in Music Club to paint banners. The Talent Nite event is coming up so my guy friends are busy preparing all the necessary stuff. Painting the banners weren't really fun, imho. Imagine squatting/sitting on a giant piece of fabric & ocassionally shifting uncomfortably just to get the perfect position so that you don't end up with sore legs later. Nevertheless, it was fun to meet up with my buddies. It's not like I miss them A LOT as I'll be seeing their faces again in a week's time. But ya know, the joy of working hard together & sharing lame jokes more than make up for the uncomfortable sessions. emo liao XD.

Later in the evening, I drove sis to tuition while Grandma went for grocery shopping. While waiting, I saw a couple from the Middle East walking by the street with a baby pram. The sight of the wife draped in black from top to toe made me ponder a lot. What if she turns out to be a drop-dead gorgeous woman? Isn't it a pity that she can't flaunt her beauty & not afraid to hide her imperfections i.e. be proud of her looks which God bestowed upon her? I felt that her culture has stripped off her freedom. Not to mention the danger of walking without having clear sight of the path ahead. That lady covered the face until below the nose & I'm very sure; there weren't any holes for her eyes. Think about it, there're still such traditional acts practiced in this modern world. *sighs*

When I was browsing Yahoo! Movies, this page caught my eyes...

HD Movie Trailers!!

Sweet~ I quickly downloaded the Quicktime player to stream the videos. And then waited for the video to load.

1 min, loading...

2 mins, still loading...

5 mins, -_-"

10 mins, *gives up*

Curse the stupid connection. *goes to bed*