Friday, April 06, 2007

*breathes* Okay, I think I'm gonna settle for a D for HRM & a C for Law, I hope. Lets not speak of me failing the Law paper. Thinking about it makes me feel hopeless. I managed to answer sufficiently for HRM test (I think) but I'd probably get a huge X for one of the questions. So that means losing one big chunk of marks worthy of a better grade T.T. When I sat for a replacement test for Law trial test (in which I deliberately skipped yesterday), I found myself having difficulties to answer well. The words from the lecturer, "It's okay if you can't complete it but I expect that you do better in the exam" is not making me feel any better. I could see the look on his face implying that, "Hey girl, you're so gonna fail my paper with such short answers in the paper". Oh God, I'm so lost...

Heck! Why on earth grandma had to lose her purse on the day when I was super anxious about my HRM test?? What a timing~ It's frustrating cuz I had to rush back home - make a phone call to cancel her credit card, get my wallet which I forgot to bring & rushed to college to start revising for the test. Nerve-wrecking, I tell ya. Not even a single thing went well yesterday & today. I'm so glad the weekend is least there's some time to ease my worries.

So, I've decided that I won't hit any books tonight cuz it's time for relaxation. There're so many videos that I've been missing out for past few weeks. I'm off for a downloading spree & catching up with the remaining Goong S episodes. Good gracious! The series already ended last month & I'm still stuck at Episode 14 -_-".