Saturday, March 31, 2007

I couldn't help bursting into laughter after I read a post in the 동방신기 LJ comm. Apparently, some forumers or perhaps Korean fans who have nothing else better to do; hence decided to polish up their Photoshop skills. I bet you wouldn't expect how the pictures turned out to be. They did a fusion style - combining the Dong Bang boys with FFVII: AC characters. *dies*

Those of you who had no idea what FF is...well, it's time you listen up. It's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, a fully CGI animated film released about 2-3 years ago. Speaking of the movie, I haven't even sit down & watch the whole show myself though I've seen certain scenes of the movie when my sis was watching it back then. Ack! I'm so slow... -_-" A so-called FF fan, eh?

So ppl, get ready to be mesmerised (or dumbfounded for those who knew FF & Dong Bangs well XD) by the amazing skills of these nothing-else-better-to-do ppl who decide to make our Dong Bang boys into umm, heroes videogame characters. I did a comparison to show how much edited ones differ from the original. Enjoy~

U-know Yunho

Vincent Valentine

Youngwoong Jaejoong

Tifa Lockhart

Micky Yoochun


Xiah Junsu

Cloud Strife

Choikang Changmin

Cloud Strife

P.S: I dunno why Changmin was given long, silky blonde hair. His image reminded me of Quistis Trepe from FFVIII. Yet, he looks beautiful XD

Credits: (동방신기 images)