Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nyahaahha I'm currently the record holder as the fastest player in the word search game. Just in case y'all didn't know, Music Club is currently organising a music festival in college. The word search game is one of the exciting activities planned besides the Dance Dance Revolution game.

And so...I managed to complete the word search puzzle at 2:01. Yes, 2 mins 1 sec!! I beat the previous record holder by 1 min 20+ secs. *laughs hysterically* XD Lets see whether there's anyone who can beat my time. If not, I'll receive a Parker pen as the prize. Not too bad, eh? ^^.

The festival will end on Friday. Based on the feedback from the my friends in the committee, the response for the festival wasn't as good as expected. It's depressing but hopefully things will improve while the event lasts. I'll keep it short for today & get on with my assignments. *sighs* They're pilling up again like mountains...-_-"