Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I really need to blog about what happened to me today. Why? Because I think God has bestowed lots of luck upon me XD. Okay, okay...it's not that dramatic. But I was really, really lucky. I mean it! REALLY LUCKY~

To be honest, I was stupid enough for not realising that I lost my thumbdrive until this morning. I knew that it was missing from my pencil case since last night but I didn't bother too much about it. Strange, eh? I thought the thumbdrive was lying on the table somewhere in which I failed to notice with my sleepy eyes that time.

I only came to my senses today that my thumbdrive is seriously no where to be found. While trying to get hold of my still-asleep sis through the phone, I was frantically searching for it & rummaging through my bag. Still, there's no sign of my precious possession. I sat limply on the chair trying to accept the painful truth that my good ol' thumbdrive is gone. Forever.

Next, I felt like kicking myself for being so careless & worse...oblivious about the missing object. Kept blaming myself for not taking good care of the thumbdrive which contains SPSS files, assignments...Wait, a min! SPSS?? Ah yessss, I was accessing the SPSS files in my thumbdrive in class yesterday. *thinking bulb lights up* OMG, IT'S IN THE COMPUTER LAB!!!

Without further delay, I dashed out of the campus ground & off to the computer lab. There it was...still at the same spot where I left it. *phew* It was still attached to the USB port like this.

I'm extremely surprised that nobody took it cuz I left it attached to the port for 1 night. I mean, anyone could've just taken it & claim it as their own. That's why I said luck has been all over me today. Whoever it was who saw my thumbdrive but decided not to steal it truly deserves my respect. I really appreciate his/her great deeds & yes, I'll be very cautious this time. Speaking of which I'll be carrying my newly bought laptop around soon which requires 110% care & attention. Nyahahaha, it's a surprise! I shall speak no more of it until I have my hands on it. Till then~ ^^