Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When HP came to my college yesterday promote its brand new HP Pavilion TX1000 Entertainment Notebook PC, I was more eager to check out their freebies instead of the notebook. Can't blame, I've just got my baby recently so I don't see a point to browse at notebooks again. Besides, I love my baby to bits~ XD Anyways, the freebie is a plushie toy cum phone strap. It's really adorable that's why I had to get it so badly.

Getting the freebie was really simple. All we had to do was to name the notebook model in which HP was promoting at that moment. Isn't that easy?? Duh! To be honest, the emcee just wanted to hype up the atmostphere by telling every respondent to scream at the mic. And so I got myself one red plushie & started flailing over it XD. But then, a friend of mine requested for 4 plushies. Surprisingly, the emcee agreed on one condition - we (the 4 of us) need to yell the answer at the top of our lungs. Being typical Malaysians (who loves anything free), we agreed. All we did was screamed HP PAVILION TX1000!!!!! I bet everyone in the concourse became momentarily deaf after the loud noise.

Each of us got 4 plushies as promised. It seemed the girl at the freebies booth was bewildered when we went to collect our plushies. Haha~ Of course, I had to show you how cute these little things are. Here they are...

One big, happy family!

The intense stare from the left & right...*shivers*


Even though yesterday's journey to college was a rough one, it didn't matter anymore after having these plushies. After all, they cheered up my so-called awful day. On the other hand, I felt evil for taking too many plushies. Well, I guess nobody can say a thing now since they're already in my hands XD. Call me greedy for all you want...