Saturday, March 10, 2007

Boo~ Someone beat my fastest time for the word search game. I'm not even in the 2nd place either -_-". That means no Parker pen for me T.T. The two girls who're leading now are pretty good, though. Kudos to the both of them *claps*. Basically, the music festival ended on a silent note. Not too hyped as we all expected. What's more, the AUP Society were celebrating St. Patrick's Day yesterday. More people are involved with it instead. Nevertheless, it was a good try for Music Club to organise such an event. Hopefully things will work out better in the future.

The TVfXQ Malaysian FC gathering which kept me anticipated for the past 2 weeks turned out to be pretty interesting. It's still not the best gathering by far cuz it was kinda disorganised. The venue wasn't sufficient to accomodate hundreds of members. Imagine having a party with 100 people in McDonalds, Section 14. Despite the mess, it was fun to meet so many people who are equally enthusiastic about the Dong Bangs. And I met a new friend there as well ^^.

Enya came for the later part of the gathering after rushing from college. Meanwhile, Fatimah who was so eager to go couldn't make it at the last minute. It could've been more fun if she was there cuz besides Enya, I felt awkward as I dunno any of the members. The rest of the girls seemed to be talking among their own friends, unwilling to get acquainted with newbies like me -_-". And they don't look inviting enough for me to approach them & start introducing myself. They'd probably give me a stare as if something's stuck on my face. It's kinda sad, really...

The least you could expect from a FC gathering is to bump into your ex-schoolmate. *nods* I bumped into saw my ex-schoolmate cum junior from high school. She was my junior in Girl Guides back then. At first, I could barely recognised her cuz she had longer hair than before. I didn't dare to chat up with her cuz she wouldn't recognise me anyways. Besides, we weren't very close back then. *shrugs*

Alrite, enough talking about ppl at the gathering. New members get to receive freebies for joining the club. This is what I collected that day: FC t-shirt, stickers & a mass printed autographed poster. Honestly, the poster is beautiful. Though the autographs doesn't feel special anymore since it's mass printed, it's better than nothing rite XD. I'll most likely post up piccies in the next post. Now if I'm lucky enough to win an autographed poster from Japan for the new album purchase, I can die anytime. Opps, joking but I'll be sooooooo happy ^^. Apparently HMV is running a campaign rite now. I hope I got my Japanese right about the campaign. No posters, nvm. Got postcard also good liao...

According to Saimon-san from 98.8FM, TVXQ has been topping the charts for more than 10 weeks. If confirmed, the news will informed to SM & then reported in Korean news. Just to be sure, I went to the 98.8FM site to check out. They're not at the top of the chart but still staying strong in the top 10. I'm starting to doubt that DJ's statement but we'll see what happens. Someone will probably put the videos to the news if it's true.