Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is random...but, hey! Looking at this picture does make me believe more & more that the guys will be coming again this year~ *squee* Take note of the red line.



2 more days!!! And I'm "officially" legal XD. Gosh, I'm getting older again -_-". Time passes by so fast, don't y'all think so? In a few months or so, it'll be the end of 2007. Hmm, lets not talk about that. Speaking of my birthday, I'm definitely not planning a big bday bash. Initially, I intended to do so since this year marks the end of my youth & the start of adulthood. Of course, young adult lah. But I didn't bother pondering about how the party should turn out. I spent most of my time on assignments, assignments & assignments (a little fangirling session in between XD). When March came, I realised I was so occupied that I totally neglected my initial plan. Hence, I decided to ditch the idea. After all, the party is gonna cost pretty much & I didn't wanna burden my parents.

Anyways, my so-called birthday gift just came in this afternoon. In case y'all couldn't remember, I pre-ordered 東方神起's Five in the Black album weeks ago. Yeah, it's weird to buy bday gifts for yourselves but that's what I've been doing for the past 2 years just to please myself. Yeah, me a miserable loser for all you want. I haven't been celebrating my bday for ages. So, can't you see I'm desperate for presents?? XD Well, the album which Enya gave me was totally unexpected. It's too nice of her to buy the Heart, Mind and Soul for me. It's so expensive & yet she bought it! To Enya, I said this a lot but I wanna say it again. Thanks a million for the present!

Will be posting up the pics of the new album later since I'm using my lappie now. Yup, I'm using my new "baby" to blog now. Piccies of my "baby" will be up soon as well. I bet y'all will turn green seeing it XD. Nyahahaha, j/k. It's just too beautiful cuz of the glossy surface. The boo-boo part is the surface attracts thumbprints like a magnet. I have to constantly wipe it with a lint cloth & keep my fingers sparkly clean. That's the price to pay for choosing a ultra shiny lappie. *sighs*

I'm off to read up my journals for HRM. The assignment is due on Thursday & I haven't started anything. *smacks on the head* Somebody pls kick me...