Friday, March 23, 2007

I reckoned the long hols last year really had an effect on my presentation skills. My skills have degraded over the holidays -_-". Hence, I sucked at my group's presentation yesterday. There weren't much presentation this semester since most of the subjects are exam based, hence the lack of practice. But still, I could've done much better T.T

I've got MKT assignment due this Friday & MGT's (cover letter & resume) due on April 2. Dang! I won't be at home for the whole day on April 1 cuz it's Ceng Beng Festival. Can you believe it that our group hasn't started working on the MKT report yet? Even the survey forms are not completely filled in yet...*sighs* the extreme procrastination among the members XD.

My sis went to Genting earlier today for her Editorial Board trip. She'll be back by tomorrow. Hmm, she seemed to be enjoying herself very much. *envy* She bought chocolates from the factory too. Eh? Chocolate factory in Genting?! I shall ask her. On the other hand, Mum will be flying to Shanghai tomorrow night. The flight is at 12am; should I say the flight is on Sunday? Gah~ Whatever...

I'm expecting souvenirs from Mum & sis XD. Yes, I'm evil & greedy. I was thinking of asking Mum to get boots for me. Ack! I bet she can't find my size cuz my feet is much smaller than hers. Perhaps she can get a pair for my sis. *sighs* Why can't my feet grow any bigger??