Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Here are the piccies that I promised to post up. Enjoy! ^^

Lovely earrings, aren't they? ^^

Okay, these are the only things I bought for myself. Call me a hopeless shopper *nods* cuz I dunno what else to buy. The things are sooo expensive T.T. Whatever it is, the next set of pics are only me, ME & ONLY ME! :D Hahahaha.

My new hairstyle! :D

P.S.: Excuse the lame t-shirt. It's my old school t-shirt XD.


Hello everyone!! I'm back~ *dances* Did y'all miss me?? XD Basically, there wasn't much about the trip. Like I mentioned earlier, it's more like a shopping trip rather than a vacation. Besides, who said Singapore is a place for sightseeing? Anyways, the trip turned out good & bad. Probably one of the worse trip I've experienced. I was so unfortunate to get food poisoning on my 2nd day in Singapore. Yes, SINGAPORE!!! Everything in that country; including food should be squeaky clean (or at least better than Malaysia). It turned out to be otherwise for my case -_-".

I only ate seafood noodle at this restaurant in Suntec City Mall & the problem started there. How would you feel when you couldn't stop puking while on the journey back to JB? Gross, I know. I puked almost everywhere. Taxi. In the toilet. Bus. You name it...The experience was awful~ T.T And I couldn't help but cried out cuz it was pretty embarrassing. But what can I do? *runs to the corner & weep*

When I arrived at JB, my uncle rushed me to the clinic. Guess what? The nurses were unwiling to register me in since it was already late at night. Thank God my uncle knew the doctor really well so the nurses had no choice but let me in. To my surprise, the doc doesn't use paper at all. All he did was scribble notes on his WACOM pad while I told him my problems. Wow! Even doctors working in PJ hospitals don't use that thing XD. Okay, I feel like a jakun -_-". What's even more shocking is that doc is a big fan of Korean dramas. o_O Bwuh? I've never seen such a sentimental guy before. This is definitely an eye-opener. How did I find out? Aiyah, my uncle lent to him my aunt's collection of Korean DVDs lor...

I feel much better now so don't worry too much ^^. Hmm, I supposed the lack of sleep pretty much worsen my sickness. Meanwhile, I'm trying to shy away from seafood. Ugh, bad memories. Lol. Gah, I've missed my chance to eat the famous abalone noodle that my family is boasting about. I think I'm the only one left who hasn't tried it. Oh well, there's always other time. Other memorable moments like my grandma falling down is priceless XD. Haha, it sounds mean for laughing at her but she was too careless. She tried stepping up the escalator when it's meant to go down. I'm speechless... -_-"

Not all things turned out bad after all. I managed to buy 2 pairs of beautiful earrings & souvenirs for Jen & Fatimah. Tsk, tsk...I'll give you gals in uni XD. Sadly, I didn't shop much but it was pretty fun window shopping & enjoying the moments of drooling over stuffs that I can never afford to buy. Perhaps when I start working ^^. Though I kinda regret not buying a pair of Converse shoes (about RM80+); after further coaxing from my cousin bro - I thought maybe I should go to Singapore again end of this year for another shopping trip. That's the best time to go cuz there'll be a BIG sale :D.

Will be back to edit this post with piccies but don't expect lots of them. There wasn't much to snap & plus, me ain't got a camera. I'll definitely take a pic of myself. Why? I did something to my hair XD. Don't be shocked...