Friday, May 18, 2007

I've been longing to post the 東方神起xVERITE jewellery pics which I found from Cyxion forum. Some rich fella, I mean...REALLY RICH fan actually bought the whole collection. I felt so jealous cuz I intended to buy one of them when the jewelleries were available for order on in January. It was too pricey to begin with & so I changed my mind. Well, who said Japanese goods are cheap? *sighs* The money I saved up was used to buy the 1st Live Concert: Rising Sun DVD instead. And I thought those ridiculously expensive jewelleries didn't look too nice in the illustrations.

Little did I expect that these VERITE jewelleries turned out to be gorgeous. Like I said earlier, some rich fella bought the entire collection & took snapshots of every piece of silver jewelleries. At that moment, I was more convinced that they are indeed beautiful. I felt a tinge of regret for not ordering in the first place T.T. Yeah, it was pricey; it's even worse now. The only way to get any of the VERITE pieces is through Yahoo! Japan Auctions. It might sound crazy to you but there are auctioners out there willing to pay up to 10500 yen just for some silver crap. It's not even embedded in diamond. Imagine how much value the Dong Bangs have... o_O

Might as well show you guys the pics neway.

The complete 東方神起xVERITE collection

Chocolate look-alike magnet which comes with each piece of jewellery
(Not edible)

1 sided earring

Cross pendant with chain

Arabesque pendant with chain

Name-engraved pendant with chain
(5 members - Junsu, Yuchun, Jejung, Changmin & Yunho)

I saw the cross pendant with chain on Yahoo! Japan Auction & I'm so tempted to get it. Should I, should I? Two of my online friends told me not to get it. Not worth it, that's what they said. But's soooo pretty *drools* The auction ends on Sunday night which means I still got time to decide XD. And who knows I'll bid at the very last min. Evil~ XD

Source: Baidubar