Monday, May 07, 2007

Today was a rather boring start for my 1st day of uni. Here I am, entering the 4th semester i.e. 2nd year of my degree studies. First class of the day was MKT323 with a young Indian male lecturer who will be teaching us direct marketing. I have no idea why but all of a sudden, he mentioned that our most dreaded lecturer for MKT326 has resigned. Boy, our gang were so pleased by the announcement! Since there wasn't much to teach (not many students either..), he let us go an hour earlier. With that, I had more than 2 hours break with nothing to do. So me & friends ended up loitering around campus & Asia Cafe until the next class commenced.

I made Teema come to see me though she didn't have any classes after 10am (tsk...she skipped neway XD). Umm, okay I'm not entirely sure but from what I know...she was nice enough to accompany me till 2pm. We made a deal to bring & exchange our gifts; I bought her a phone strap from Singapore while she got me a box of Mi-sticks from Korean Village at Ampang. The minute we got hold of our gifts, we started squealing delightfully XD. I was thrilled with the sight of Jaejoong's gorgeous face on the Mi-stick box while Teema loved the strap to bits. Fyi, I bought the same thing for Jen but in a different colour. I'm glad you gals love your stuff very much. It's just a small token of appreciation for our friendship during these semesters. Love you gals~ ^^ *hugs*

As for the Mi-sticks snack, I couldn't bear peeling the box & ruining it just to remove a packet of chocolate-coated-stick-liked biscuits. At the same, I didn't wanna put the biscuits to waste by keeping them until they rot (btw, the deadline is Dec 2007 XD). I'm such a fickle, ne? And so I carefully cut open the bottom part of the box with a blade & distributed the snack to my buddies. One of my guy friends even said, "Gimme the sticks~ I love DBSK food too!". I'd swear I almost choked in between chewing the stick & laughing simultaneously...Ack~ It was one of his tricks to get free food neways *shrugs*

The MKT321 lecturer which had masculine-ish name turned out to be a petite & pretty lady. Nothing much to say about her as she dismissed the class rather early as well. When it was time for MKT326, we entered class & to our dismay; our dreaded lecturer was standing right in front of our very eyes -_-". I'd have to say, he did improve on his teaching skills but it wasn't much better than the last time he taught us. Hmm, that was a year ago. I heard that this week would be his last; so we won't be seeing him anymore next week. Makes me wonder who & how our new lecturer will be. Hmm...

After getting Jaejoong Mi-sticks box, I'm so tempted to collect the rest of the members too. Btw, it costs RM2 per box & there's lots of flavours packed in different designs. I told myself, "why not grab them all?" XD