Monday, May 28, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was pretty good. Though not superb like its predecessors, it was quite entertaining so to speak. Apparently, there were mixed reviews; some saying that it was awesome while naysayers complained about the plot to be too covoluted. I agree with that statement, which is why I was kinda disappointed as I was so hyped up & placing high expectations on the movie.

To those who has yet to watch it, don't be put off by my remarks. The movie is still worth watching. Just that it lacks the spark in which the two prequels had. While I was waiting for the cinema gate to open, I was standing in front of this huge (yes, I mean it...) promotional poster of Captain Jack Sparrow. Knowing that I have the hots for Johnny Depp, I had this wild intention of...ROBBING the poster & bring it back home!! Okay, okay. It was only a thought. Imagine having Johnny Depp aka Captain Jack Sparrow in your personal space XD. Yummy~ *drools*

The poster is exactly like the pic below except that it's rectangular & minus those French words. I should've take a snapshot of me standing next to it *smacks head*. But my stupid camera phone is crap -_-". Oh nvm...