Sunday, May 06, 2007

After watching Star King several times, I have to express how much I'm attracted to 꼬마신기 just like I adore their hyungs. They're actually a group of kids impersonating the Dong Bangs in this talent show; in which only one contestant (individual/group) will win the grand prize. They're called Kko Ma Shin Ki in Hangul whereby kko ma means kid literally. This means they're also know as mini DBSK.

Though the kids didn't win, they have created much hype among Dong Bang fans including me ^^. Believe it or not, these young ones are too adorable to resist. Now if you look them up in YouTube, I'm sure there're plenty of fan-subbed videos on that particular Star King episode. Anyways, I made some screencaps from the show which features both 동방신기 and 꼬마신기 taking pics together. See how much the kiddies resemble their hyungs. Uber cuteness~ *squee*

동방신기 and 꼬마신기 in action!!

U-know Moonbin & U-know Yunho

Micky Yoochun & Micky Chanhee

Choikang Donghoon & Choikang Changmin

Yoongwoong Jaejoong & Yoongwoong Soungwoong

Xiah Junsu & Xiah Inhwan

Note: Screencaps credit goes to me! ^^