Friday, May 04, 2007

I was surfing YouTube earlier today & came upon 2 videos of the same Korean girl doing covers of Mariah Carey's songs. I have to admit - she has an exceptionally good voice. As in...SUPERB! You guys should watch it & see for yourselves. Apparently she hasn't debut yet so there wasn't much info about her yet. Here are the links to her video & be prepared to be mesmerised.

Guess what, I passed all my exams... *squee* Kyaaaaa!!!! Haha, I couldn't be bothered about how I did. Most importantly, I cleared all the subjects in the previous semester XD. Since there're only 6 subjects for Year 2 left, I only took 4 subjects for the coming semester. My holidays are coming to an end & it's time to work like mad again *sighs*. Wish me well, ppl!

*yawns* Gah~ So sleepy...btw, this pic of Yunho is too sexy that it NEEDS to be shared. Drool on, gals! XD *giggles* Okay, I'm done for tonight.

Credits: Daum + BZ + indicted@LJ