Friday, May 11, 2007

There I was looking like a psycho girl who just escaped from an asylum when I stormed towards 100¥ショップ at SS2 while my Grandma dropped by at the morning wet market to grab some groceries. As soon as I entered the shop, I took no notice of the workers nor other items displayed & hurried towards the rack displaying none other than the 美Stick boxes. I promised Teema that I would get her Jaejoongie's box if I came upon one.

To my surprise, there were lots of white boxes with Jaejoong's porcelain-smooth face printed on them. You should've seen how my face gleamed & slowly turned into a huge stupid grin. Without wasting any time, I started searching for the rest of the members. There was an array of flavours available for sale (chocolate, coffee, chocolate errrr...) but most of them has Yoochunnie's face. Ack!

Since there were quite an amount of stocks with each of the members, I decided to grab them while they lasts. And so I grab them & put on the floor; dig some more for other flavours. This act of insanity probably drove the shopkeeper nuts (he must've been sniggering inside as well, hmmph~ more on that later). He approached & placed a shopping basket beside me; stood there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what's so special about pretty boys on chocolate snacks boxes. Of course, they are. Because they're the Dong Bangs XD.

At the counter, the shopkeeper asked with a sly smile, "Is that all?". I said, "Yeah..." & started unloading the snacks from the basket. In total, I paid RM44.90 for all the snacks. Speaking of insanity, eh? He sniggered again before handing me the plastic bag & then clearly said, "Please COME AGAIN~". Get the sniggering part now? I'm probably one of those rare customers who walked out of the shop with a bagful of chocolate snacks worth RM44.90. Imagine paying that much for 9 boxes of snacks XD.

I felt poorer for the day but nevertheless, it made me happy ^^. At the moment, I'm still short of the complete set for the red boxes...*nudges Teema*