Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day celebration for this year was pretty interesting. For a change, we went to Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant for dinner. The ambience in both inside & outside the restaurant was classy, comforting & well-lit (but not too bright). Food was pretty delicious, of course. Desserts...I'd have to say, they were absolutely fantastic. The red bean tong sui was superb & not to forget the dark chocolatey cake which was given to all reservations courtesy of Mother's Day.

Indulging in that lovely cake was like a moment in heaven XD. Every inch of the cake is made from rich dark chocolate & other ingredients mixed together to perfection. Each bite will definitely blow you away. Too bad I don't have a camera to capture a shot of the cake. Apparently, the cake is homemade; specially ordered from this lady who goes by the name Mrs. McGregor. Ah, mat wonder the cake tasted incredibly good. She left her cellphone number & email address on the box too ^^. *grins*

As part of the restaurant's marketing gimmick, the staff took a family photo of us using a Lumix camera & even offered to print it. I guess we didn't pay a slightly high priced 8 course meal for nothing :D. Here's how the pic turned out...

P.S. My aunt said I looked like Faye from F.I.R. Fyi, F.I.R is a Taiwanese band which consists of 1 female (vocalist) & 2 males (keyboardist & guitarist). It must be due to my curls XD