Thursday, May 10, 2007

Piccies, piccies! I here present the profile cards pictures for the main characters in Death Note movie. I scanned them using my junk printer so the quality ain't that great. More piccies to come when I finish scanning the rest. I'll probably put up the scans for the booklet too if I have the time ^^.


My Death Note Complete Set DVD just arrived today~ *drools* OMG!! The packaging & its content are as good as the pics I've posted previously (taken from DVDHeaven). Basically, this complete set has the following:

  1. Death Note DVD
  2. Death Note 2: The Last Name DVD
  3. Special Feature DVD
  4. Booklet (Interviews & behind-the-scenes pics)
  5. 2 sets of profile cards

Erm, 2 sets of profile cards?? Well,'s kinda odd. But more on that later. No snapshots of the box set at the moment cuz my Mum took her cellphone to the office. There's no way I'm gonna use my camera phone since the photo quality sucks. Plus, my Mum's phone has Bluetooth. Will be back with piccies. Stay tuned!