Friday, October 05, 2007

I supposed I was overly excited about booking tickets for the concert & ended up...dropping my cellphone on the floor with a crash. And out came the metal plate from the front part of the phone. Without further delay, I took out the super glue (we call it elephant glue here XD) to stick the plate to where it should be.

The first glue tube dried up cuz the previous user didn't screw the cap tightly so I had to dispose it. Since the 2nd one is brand new, I had to poke a hole for the glue to flow out. I put too much force to it & things turned out disastrous. The glue came gushing out like volcano erupting, spilling all over my fingers. Knowing the glue's ability to dry instantly when in contact with air, I made sure that my fingers were spreaded apart.

In the end, I had to let the glue dry first before I can continue my work. *sighs* How can this happen?! You wouldn't have imagine how hard my fingers were -_-. I could hardly bend them but I managed to stick the plate anyway. After that, my sister helped to clean off the glue using nail remover; scrubbing so hard that I almost felt that my skin would tore. LOL.

After bath, my fingers sorta soften a little & the glue remains can be peeled off. Thank goodness! It's back to normal now so there's nothing to worry about. I couldn't help laughing how stupid things turned out yesterday. *giggles*