Wrongly blamed

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today was indeed a long day for me at work. No doubt work related matters should never be brought home, sometimes it's inevitable. Especially when the bitterness still linger on. I really need to release my dissatisfaction. Me & my boss had a tele-con with the plant manager to highlight on some issues pertaining to the transfer of 6 SKUs from Ipoh to a contract packer.

Guess what, the plant manager somewhat couldn't control his anger & was yelling on the phone at our incompetency for failing to meet the dateline as planned. WTF! It was clearly known that it was another department who was being less cooperative that caused all these delays yet some idiot here refused to act rational, understand the actual situation & try resolve the issue by providing support. How unprofessional! And to even call yourself a plant manager. Who the hell are you to dictate whether to run production or not? Are you calling for a strike?? Bring it up to the management & the union then. Make a big deal out of it!!

It was more nerve-wrecking to later hear that he personally called our GM to apologise. Like hell does my GM needed an apology when he shouted & threw some papers & files in rage, as heard clearly during the tele-con. Are you trying to pick up a fight?? And to even dare bully us females?? This is sex discrimination!! Seriously, you don't deserve any respect at all.