Disappointing fair

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I attended the career fair organised by Jobstreet hours ago at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. I was disappointed - not because it was more suitable for fresh grads & entry levels - but mainly at some companies participating at the fair. There they were setting up booths, giving the impression to potential candidates that they will be collecting resumes for the job openings within the organisation.

When approached them, they rejected our intention to deposit resumes reason being it would be a tedious task to segregate the pile of papers to the different vacancies. Okay, I accepted the explanation. Not that I was satisfied with the response from the recruiters.

There were some companies which were quite arrogant & not helpful. We know that you don't encourage resumes submitted in hard copies due to the sorting workload but hey...isn't that part & parcel of HR's job? The least you could do is to be more enthusiastic about attracting potential talents to your organisation. Perhaps by highlighting your company profile & what your company has to offer.

With all these absent, why set up a booth & assign your staff to stand there like statues? Booth rental is obviously not free. Don't waste your precious resources when you're not making good use of these fairs for its intended purpose. It sure paints a bad image to the candidates out there. I'm sorry to mention names but here's to you, Maxis. Your staff was such an irony & a little rude when I asked if I could deposit my CV. In the first place, you shouldn't have collected any hard copies on the first day & then to have your staff trying in her desperate attempt to "educate" interested candidates to apply online instead on the 2nd day. I was annoyed by her tone & manner that I decided to walk off.

Maxis, this is TACKY! Now I'm starting to consider if I should continue to support your service. Your staff got my marital status all wrong when I'm not even married yet. I filled up the form correctly, for God's sake! -_-"