Dirty Little Secret

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Months ago, I stumbled across this mini series by ELLE while searching for info to satisfy my obsession for ELLE trolley suitcases. I didn't find anything I wanted but ended up getting hooked on watching the mini series. The plot is the typical drama - involving a career in high fashion, friendship & men - commonly found in the average chick-lit books.

Being a fan of chick-lit books, I easily got addicted to watching the mini series; checking the website frequently to see whether new episodes have been uploaded. The series was sponsored by TRESemme, a US based company manufacturing professional hair care products. Its tagline, "Professional, affordable" embodies the company's aim to design salon quality products which are readily available at reasonable price. In partnership with ELLE, the series was launched on May 25 with TRESemme product placements in each episode.

This 10-episode series was aptly named Dirty Little Secret. No doubt the title speaks loud of its dramatic & scandalous story of the lead character, Riley Kendrick. Although the series had ended, just thought of sharing it to you gals who may not be fans of Sex in the City but doesn't mind a bit of fun & gossipy, bitching dramas. Below is a sneak peak of what to expect.

To watch the complete series, go to: