Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yesterday's karaoke session was fun. What's more exciting than singing your heart with a bunch of girls who are 4 years your junior? XD I had no one to go with, sad to say. It's expected of an introvert like me. Let's see, the last time I went to karaoke was 3 years ago. LOL. To some people, going for karaoke is like their weekly routine. It's no wonder they can sing so well. Guess it's a cheaper alternative for vocal training instead of signing up for vocal training classes.

Since the girls (including me) know nothing about Chinese, we sang lots of English oldies. Like lots of them ^^. Ranging from Bohemian Rhapsody, How Deep Is Your Love to the latest Apologize by Timbaland feat. OneRepublic. We did add a few Japanese songs to pump in some variety cuz me & one of my sis' friend do know how to read hiragana.

After 2 long hours of singing, we decided to hit the bookstore. Coincidentally, Borders is having anniversary sale which means all full priced books are entitled 15% off. How cool is that? XD Initially, I was really tempted to grab 4 books but had to drop the idea cuz the total amount ain't easy on the pocket *sighs*. Finally, I settled for 2 books while sis got one for herself. There goes RM80+ worth of books~

My books ^^

What's better than indulging in my favourite apple cheese slice cake for the 2nd time in a week? ^^ It's expensive but I guess it wouldn't hurt as long as it makes me happy. Remind me to not eat it again this Friday. No more Secret Recipe or I'll be extremely broke. XD

I always have weakness for any apple desserts XD