Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm bored. And still depressed too. The intense loneliness made me ponder about so many things. It made me reflect on the days that gone by. And so, pics are the best to re-live those moments. Events & little incidents that I didn't have the opportunity to blog about as I was too occupied. So here it is - a recap of what happened...

2 Jan 2008

My crazy friends had nothing else better to do & decided to goof around. If you're wondering what this is, it's err...bubbles blown out of a tube. It's impossible to burst & it can be pinched according to the shape you desire. Smells like UHU glue, though.

17 Feb 2008

A long overdue pic taken a week after CNY. It's a small gathering organised by my close friend of 7 yrs at her house. I don't get to see her often though we live so near each other. Guess the timing ain't right for the both of us.

21 Mar 2008

A surprise birthday cake from someone special a friend. Lovely cake, it was! Wished that I could taste it just once more. It's a day that I'll never forget.

1 Apr 2008

A trip to DiGi's headquarters. I tell you, the place is like every man's dream place to work. For a moment, I actually thought of applying to be part of the Yellow Man team XD.

5 Apr 2008

This is the shop I was raving about last year. Remember the fish paste wrapped in fu zok?? I had it again this year & it tasted as good as always ^^. Pity that I lost so much appetite that week; if not I would've eaten more.

11 Apr 2008

This unusual shape of a glass can be found at D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya 33. Food is delicious, the price is EVEN BETTER XD. I had to take a snapshot of it cuz it's really weird. And you can see how the water takes it shape in the glass, further accentuating its curves.

*sighs* What a journey it has been...