Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back from hiatus. Exams were okay; not too difficult nor very easy. It's over anyway so no point discussing about it. I'm still struggling in the road to recovery but so far things are good. Trying to keep myself as busy as possible so as not to let my mind wander off again unnecessarily. Perhaps the IM individual assignment make me a busy bee over the weekend. *shrugs*

I have a serious sleeping disorder, I think. For the past 2 nights, I've been going to bed at 4am. Why would ppl sleep at such late hour when there's a holiday? Wouldn't it make more sense to stay up late when college semesters are on & filled with assignments? *shrugs* I just couldn't sleep for some reason cuz my mind is running wild with imaginations.

No doubt I was thinking a lot about someone...

But the main reason is probably cuz I was over-enthusiastic about ice skating. The thought of putting on skates & going back to the rink after 8 years of not setting foot on the ice at all is overwhelming. It was a sport I used to & still love. Though I was never really good at it, having basic skating skills is more than enough for me. I really love the fact that gliding on thin ice provides that sense of freedom. Indescribable.

Ice skating makes you forget everything that worries you as all the energy is focused on balancing well & pushing your legs across the ice. At the end of the day, all you feel is sore feet but the experience makes you wanna go for the next round. I'm definitely looking forward to my first skating trip in 8 years this Tuesday. ^^