Monday, January 14, 2008

A new Chinese restaurant just opened recently in this building called LYL Plaza which is not too far from my house. We decided to give it a go knowing that my grandma loves dim sum A LOT. To be honest, I've been eating dim sum for the past few weeks & I'm starting to feel nauseatic each time I think about it. Oh well...*shrugs* For the sake of pleasing grandma, I put aside my dim sum phobia.

No doubt the ambience is good cuz it's brand new, anyways. The restaurant even have little teapots stacked against the wall as decor. I would say the fixtures & lightings used really exude a sense of class & exclusivity.

While my grandparents were busy ordering dishes off the menu...

I was goofing around in front of my camera. (cuz me ♥ the camera very much ^^)

After finalising the orders, we waited & I continued to camwhore again. This time, my sis joined in ^^.

Food came but unfortunately many of the dishes were cancelled due to insufficient ingredients. I supposed the restaurant underestimated the crowd turnout that day. Apparently, one of the captain said that they're afraid they might be able to sell all the food hence leading to wastage. It was stupid idea to assume that way! C'mon, anyone would walk in to eat when they see a new restaurant newly opened being advertised in the newspaper.

And so we waited again for the rest of the dishes. We waited & waited...

Even my cousin bro got really bored of waiting. -_-"

Overall, food was pretty good. The main prob is the mediocre service cuz the restaurant is seriously lacking manpower during peak hrs. Not to mention poor planning & forecasting of customers. Hopefully they'll work out a solution asap. Nevertheless, my favourite dish that I have to mention is the...

The yummy egg tart~ *drools*

Trust me, you just can't stop eating it the min you take the first bite on the scrumptious pastry. The filling is lovely & the sweetness level is just nice ^^. It's THAT good. What's more, it was fresh from the oven when it was served. Gosh, I feel like eating it again. T.T

After the meal, I couldn't resist myself from posing in front of the restaurant. Since I'm there, why not? XD

Future restaurant lady boss in the making! XD