Sunday, February 03, 2008

I know, I know. I've been such an lazy ass lately that I almost abandoned my blog. Ah well, I was too engrossed with MSN-ing with my classmate recently cuz we had so much to yak about. Anything under the sun. You name it. It was whole lot of fun talking crap for hrs. Ok well, ditch that.

My college is close for the week in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year this Thursday. And the holiday officially started today. So what did I do? Nothing much in particular except being occupied with cleaning & MORE cleaning. I'm a sucker at doing household chores especially tidying up. Ya know, I can't seem to...keep my room tidy & squeaky clean. I just never bother arranging my books nor throwing pieces of scrap paper off my desk. I'm sloppy person, enough said. Don't try this at home.

For all I know, Mum had been bugging me to clear up those chocolate boxes from my Dong Bang labelled rack compartment. You got it right. They're the empty boxes sprawled all over with my darlings' pretty faces. To be frank, those chocolate snacks sucks but indeed it was good marketing to have the boys' posing prettily with a box of Lotte. Before Mum decides to rampage over that sacred compartment & send all my precious collections for dumping, I have chosen to part with my dearly beloved. And I say this with a heavy heart XD.

Nevertheless, I spared the ones with Jaejoong's cuz I'll NEVER ever get his one again. Do you know hard it is to find his? I shall not go over the details. To show that I once was the proud owner of the boxes, I took a pic for my own safekeeping.

Darn, where did my white box Junsu & yellow box Changmin go??

-Picture of the month-

February 2008 feat. Micky Yoochun