Saturday, February 16, 2008

I've got a new phone! I've got a new phone! *dances around* XD. Omg, I'm overjoyed. Finally, this phone belongs to me...the model that I was hoping to buy since I laid eyes on it. Bought it for over RM600 (AP lah, of course) with my own pocket money. Try imagining the feeling of using your hard-earned moolah to shop for the item that has been in your wishlist since ages. No doubt it's heartbreaking to see your dollar bills flying away but the self-satisfaction is beyond explanation.

I reckon this phone is pretty popular among students in my college as I came across a few who're using it. I mean, who wouldn't consider this phone? It's slim & feature packed. Of course, it's still not comparable to a 3G phone. Bah, nvm. I don't really need one since not many ppl I know actually owns or uses 3G. I'm happy with what I have now cuz I'm proud of the fact that I bought it with my money. Anyways, here's how the phone looks like ^^.

Ahhhh....seeing the box already makes me feel excited~

Totally love how this 16 million colour screen brings out the vibrant colours of Chunnie's pic XD

The slimness of the phone... o.O

I love mah phone~ :D I highly recommend this phone. It's pretty good, honestly.