Saturday, March 15, 2008

I believe that some of you may have known that I took a bold step to participate in a competition. A competition that I myself know very well that I never excelled in. I was nervous & constantly cursing about how idiotic I was to sign up for such a challenge. What's more, assignments datelines are drawing near each day & yet there was so much to prepare. Prior to D-day, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride with a full stomach. Knowing that my very talented buddies are competing did not make my worries go away.

After the 1st round, I kept my fingers crossed & silently pleading to God Almighty that I won't qualify for the next round. You read it right. I wanted to LOSE so badly. Surely you'll think who would pray to lose. Going through the ordeal of preparing a good speech & at the same time keeping up with assignment datelines is treacherous. I'd rather chicken out. When I received an email about the results, I was so relieved! It was like a huge rock was lifted off my shoulders.

Though I failed but I had no regrets at all. I joined for the sake of getting a certificate. After all, my heart was not in the competition especially when there're other priorities to be fulfilled. Thanks you guys for turning up to support & good luck to buddies who made it to the 2nd round. You know who you are~ ^^