Tuesday, March 25, 2008

OMG! Who would've ever thought that Bearbrick is available in Malaysia?? Unless I'm a frog under the coconut shell, this is a hard-to-get toy in my country. Oh well, I'll admit that I haven't been out to the mall for the past 2 months & obviously didn't know about toy shops stocking up on Bearbricks. So it's true, according to one of the dudes I'm acquainted to. My bad for being un-knowledgeable.

If it wasn't the business fair held recently, I wouldn't have known. Here's a little info about the business fair. Students who took this subject (including my bunch of guy friends) were required to set up a booth to sell stuff for 2 days; which is part of their final year project. In case you didn't know, I ended up helping the dudes to set up though I didn't take up that subject. Guys, you seriously should thank me & Jen for the never-ending support XD.

Okay, here's the thing. This dude I mentioned earlier decided to sell Bearbricks, new & old shoes for his stall. I was utterly shocked when I stopped by his stall to kepoh a while. Along came the squeals & spazzing, expressing how surprised I was that I got to witness this little toys with my very own eyes. I could still remember the last time I saw it on the mu-mo site showing a-nation '06 x Bearbrick collab. Definitely not available in Malaysia. Told myself that I have to own at least one of it.

Without any hesitation, I bought one doctor-themed figure & another orange one the following day. One each for me & my sis. Paying RM10 for a toy sounds insane, don't you think? No doubt it is but c'mon...being part of a Jap craze sounds awesomely cool. I'd always love anything to do with Japanese pop culture. Do look up on the web about Bearbrick cuz this toy brand is pretty unique in a way that its range of designs are joint collabs with other famous brands.

Looking at the box without opening it makes me squee~ XD

For once, plastic toys seemed so cool...