Wednesday, March 19, 2008

♪ Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me ♪ *sings*

I just turned 22. I'm so old -_-". Only 2 days ago I told myself that I'm still 21 years old. See how one day can change your age...*sighs*

Anyways, my dear 'lil sis bought me a birthday cake & had a mini party together with my cousin bro. Gosh~ I can't remember the last time I blew a candle of a cake. If only you could see how thrilled I was when I was told about it after dinner. So called adult, eh? XD

The cake looks good & tastes pretty good too. For a RM20+ cake, I didn't expect much. I guess it's the thought that counts eh?

Of course, the cake has to have a birthday girl too!

Geez, I looked like a sloppy aunt in rags -_-". Anyways, few of my buddies gave pressies~ Whee! Thank you guys for all the gifts. I really appreciate it. I think pressies are not important. As long as you guys remember my bday. Perhaps this would be the last time I celebrate with y'all as we won't be seeing each other so often next year. Omg, I'm making this so mushy. Oh well, as long as we still keep in touch then it would still be as fun right? XD