Thursday, February 07, 2008

Today is the 1st day of CNY. My family didn't stay up late last night to welcome the God of Prosperity as they had planned to do it this morning before breakfast. Apparently, the night before wasn't auspicious as the one of the ghost god ascended appeared from...hell? Prayers need to be done to welcome the Prosperity God & this means setting up a table with food, candles yadi yada to provide offerings to the God. Technically I helped to do the prayers by laying the food & candles but those chanting was assigned to my Dad. Again, me being born in the Year of the Tiger - was not allowed to welcome the kamisama. Not auspicious, I think. *shrugs*

We ate, got changed & waited for the rest of our relatives to come over. That's when the camwhore session began. XD (Pics below are not the full collection. Too lazy to upload all of them hehe).

Just a few of our family members.

The "pimp" & his "wives" XD


The one in yellow is one of my aunts living in Australia now.

After a few hrs, I got bored...

Here's me pondering the meaning of life.

Eventually, my house became so noisy & overcrowded that I ended up locking myself in the room & enter into a deep slumber. The rest of the day was nothing more than just surfing the net for more Dong Bang stuff & texting my buddies. Dinner at the restaurant was pretty much similar to the one last night. I guess there's nothing to be hoo-ha about it.
Btw, I'll be out of town tomorrow for 3 days. Don't miss me too much. XD Meanwhile, have fun & make sure ya collect lots of ang pau. ^^