Wednesday, February 06, 2008

In a few hrs time, it'll be Chinese New Year. Time for ang pau collection!! $$ XD. This year, our family decided to make a change. Instead of spending hrs cooking at home for reunion dinner, we chose to eat out. Bangsar Seafood Restaurant was our only option since the restaurant that we frequent a lot was fully booked. For the first time in our history of reunion dinners, we dine in halal Chinese cuisine.

Here's a shot of the restaurant entrance in case you have no idea how it looks like. It's pretty at night, imho. I bet on the night of Christmas; the lights are more beautiful.

The ambient in the restaurant is simple yet serene. Though there were many families having their reunion dinners as well, the atmosphere is merry but not noisy nor rowdy. And I really like that a lot. A LOT. I mean it cuz I had bad past experience at another seafood restaurant nearby my house. It was a nightmare, I tell ya -_-".

While waiting for food to be served, I camwhored! XD

Happy me & sis!

Happy me & cousin bros~

In a few mins, food was served. Half way through our meals, the RTM2 crew came to film some footage for the Chinese New Year celebration. Many families shy away from the camera & in the end...our family gave it a go! It was embarrassing~ As far as I can recall, I talked gibberish when I was told to give comments. I can't imagIne that this footage of me is gonna appear in the news. OMG! After years of not speaking proper Malay, seems like my grasp of the language has gone down the drain. Pretend that you don't know me nor see me if you happened to be watching RTM2. Please, please... *swts*

Two cousin bros being interviewed by the RTM2 reporter

After dinner...we took pics again! *dances*

*yawns* I have to wake up early tomorrow -_-". Before I forget, Happy Chinese New Year! Take care, peeps.