Peaceful & serene

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is one of those days that only come by once in a while. My company held an AGM session for the whole day & as expected, all the managerial positions were required to be present. I overheard that the scale of the meeting is very much reduced this year. Therefore, fewer manpower is needed to be on standby for ad-hoc duties. Which left me with nothing else to help out except staying in the office instead.

I arrived at my office with the usual bustling sounds of people walking around, the wheezing sound from the photocopier when it starts warming up & the little chatters among colleagues. Not to mention the vigorous tapping on the keyboard resonating in the room. Soon enough, my colleagues departed to the venue while I was left alone at my workstation.

The air was so still that even a prick of a needle might've echoed every corner of the office. Furthermore, there was no other staff from other departments dropping by for queries. This made the environment amazingly comfortable to work in. I admit that I did feel sleepy occasionally due to the stillness but it gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to blast the music off my desktop; so loud that even WL can hear me from the other side of the department. :P

While WL was buried in between his pile of workload, I felt safe & secured. I wasn't alone. Every now & then, I went to his place to distract him for several minutes (I know this is bad~ XD) before I went searching for more work to do. How often do you get days like this? With no one to bug you for ad-hoc stuff or your immediate superiors setting insanely tight deadlines to complete impossible tasks. Of course, it's a little too laidback if this goes on. But everyone needs to take a breather. If not, how can they be productive? Agree?