Vrooooommm...are you up for a fast & furious race?

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The 4th instalment of The Fast & The Furious was released two days ago.

And I watched it already! How nice that is~ XD Haha. All I can say is that this movie is surprisingly...okay. Knowing that a film with a theme based solely on nothing else other than cars, racing & babes; it can't get any better. From the past sequels that I've seen, the concept is pretty much the same. I thought Tokyo Drift was pretty cool cuz I was always fascinated by the art of drifting.

This movie featured much lesser car racing scenes but instead focussed more on developing the plot. Honestly, it's not bad for a try as I personally prefer watching movies with a strong storyline. However, I don't think I can stand another Fast & Furious franchise. It's gonna be boring unless the filmakers input fresher ideas. But how fresh can you get with these movies? *shrugs*