Korean feast...the good & bad

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm not that adventurous when it comes to trying new things, particularly food. For that matter, it never crossed my mind that I would lay my hands on Korean cuisine. Instant noodles were an exception though. All this while, I thought that Korean food will end up giving me an awful experience. Therefore, I already have a presumptuous opinion on how Korean food (should) taste like.

After WL took me to Daorae at Kota Damansara, it proved my presumptions wrong. Korean food actually rocks! Sans the kimchi though. Cuz I was never fond of spicy sour-like food i.e. assam laksa that makes me cringes each time I put them in my mouth. Kimchi was not any better which is why I find it a little difficult to digest. =/ Little did I know that irregardless of what you order, you'll be served with mini dishes to complement your main course. You may call it appetizers as you please.

The main course which WL selected - bbq chicken & pork were obviously good. We tried the ginseng chicken & omg...it tasted like heaven~ (that's was what I thought so). With that, I have a general idea of Korean dish being one of the most delicious & unique dish.

Mind you, however, not all Korean restaurants can cook up such a feat. Even more so if it's some so-called exquisite, expensive dining. The farewell dinner we had for our colleague at GoGung, The Gardens was a perfect example of a expensive but less than satisfactory dining experience. I dare say we paid an exorbitant price for merely 3-4 dishes. On top of that, the taste was mediocre. It was a total rip-off. There you have it, the good & bad of my experience indulging in Korean food. Go for Daorae - more affordable & yummy too! =)