First Trip Part 2 ♥

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have to make another post for this as there's still much more to be told. At least to preserve these sweet moments in case my memory starts to wane in the near future XD. We started off a pretty lazy Saturday morning reason being I didn't have a good sleep the night before due to minor stomach ache. And poor WL could hardly sleep a wink, worried that I'm falling sick - wrapping his arms around me every now & then to check whether I'm alright. Aww...

There were complimentary breakfast for our one-night stay at the First World Cafe. But as quoted by WL, he wanted to continue his slumber & the free breakfast probably tastes mediocre. Being a breakfast person, I can't afford to miss the most important meal of the day (unless I wake up at 11.30am XD). And so I had sumptuous...or rather a wholesome & fattening breakfast from McD's again. The set menu that comes with 2 pcs of hotcakes (in other words pancakes), a slice of chicken sausage patty, hash brown coupled with a cup of tea/coffee.

After checking out of the hotel, we went for lunch & then for our last sightseeing for the day. Just to enjoy the last few hours of the cooling air before heading home. We stopped by at the convention hall for some praying as it was Wesak Day. Then we drove off the car to another parking closer to the location that we intend to sightsee Unfortunately, the cooling air can only be felt at certain parts of the highlands & the weather got a little sunny. Knowing that the higher you are above sea level, you tend to feel the sun rays even more than in the lowlands.

There's a little garden built facing the deep ravines, overlooking the horizon below. For me, it was pretty scary standing there even if it's only to take pic. I just realised that I'm a little acrophobic as my legs was midly weak while leaning against the railings.

WL was there so I could say that my fear diminished quite a lot. ^^

The garden seemed fine to me though nothing extraordinary. I supposed I'm only making an excuse to camwhore so that I have more pics to post, eh? =P

Gee, the fountain really sucks~ =/

This is the last shot we took before going home...

It was rather sad that the trip ended so quickly. You tend to wish that everyday is like this - relaxed & worry-free. Now it makes me wonder how long do I need to wait for another trip; just the two of us. Hopefully soon.