First Trip Part 1 ♥

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The first trip away from home with your beloved will always have a special place in your heart. Mine is no less similar to other romantic souls out there. Me & WL first trip together was up at the highlands of Genting. What made us decide to go there? Firstly, it's the nearest place I could only go to. Secondly, the weather was scorching hot for the whole week. The heat wave was almost unbearable that I thought I might passed out of dehydration. WL kept on complaining that he's constantly bathing in sweat that his underwear is soaking wet. Thirdly, it was a pretty tough & exhausting week in the office that both of us were in need of a relaxing weekend off. Therefore, Genting was the most viable option as the journey is less taxing.

The most craziest thing I've ever done was taking a half day leave to travel together with WL. Nevertheless, it was a good move. Otherwise, we might've been caught in a huge Friday jam. Upon arrive at First World, I sat down while waiting for WL to check in; fighting off my drooping, sleepy eyes. The lobby was not any different from my last visit 5 years ago. Everything was as familiar as if 5 years ago seemed like yesterday.

Upon checking in, I was relieved & glad to see that the deluxe room is more spacious than the standard room I stayed previously. Well at least, the bathroom & toilet is together XD. Long story cut short, we went for dinner at about 8pm. And I mean, only the first round of dinner. Why? As usual, Genting is known for its lack of affordable & delicious food outlets. Fast food outlets are the only places where you can get pay for dirt cheap fairly "affordable" food. We were unlucky to lay hands on pretty awful looking chicken rice that tasted disastrous, which left our tummies totally unsatisfied. =(

Still determined to stuff in more food, we decided to take a stroll in the outdoors at night. Boy, what an experience! From the indoors of the exclusive Highland Hotel... hanging out at Coffee Bean's alfresco area at 10pm for about half an hour.

Walking around aimlessly on wet grounds in the dark - clinging tightly to WL's arms whilst the cold, icy wind brushed against our faces - was the most romantic thing I've ever done in my life. Despite the cold weather, I felt so much warmth. Not only cuz he was there to keep me warm...I was really safe in his arms. At that moment, it seemed that we've known each other for a long time; understood each other so well. I realised that I'm starting to love him more than ever...

We retreated to the indoors of First World Plaza as the low temperature outside was becoming unbearable. After all, it was time for our 2nd round of gastronomic feast. Ahh~ The wonderful creation of fast food! A wholesome supper to indulge in before bedtime XD. This pic was taken at Burger King while WL ran down to get McD's for me.*swoons* Another romantic gesture from sweet~ Btw, I just realised that he was caught on camera while ascending the stairs =P

Then we had a few rounds of camwhore session. What better way to allow your food to digest before going to bed XD. Like they said, pics paint a thousand words. Pics, pics & more pics!

More to come. Stay tune! ^^