Lucky Number 4

Friday, May 29, 2009

It was me & WL's dinner date as usual when we don't have the chance to watch movie together. I would say this time our date is rather special cuz he drove all the way to Sg Wang. Gosh, I can't remember the last time I went there for shopping, not to mention having meals there. Seems long, long ago...

We finally settled down at U-Village Restaurant ala char chan teng style to ease our hungry little stomachs. Food was okay, not great. But what can expect from this kind of restaurant, right? When my order arrived, I was rather puzzled to see a piece of thin ikan bilis-like fish as a garnishing on my rice. Coupled with a few pieces of sweet & sour pork and some half-cooked veggie (felt so tough eating it...*sighs*), my dish was plain weird. To top it off, the deep-fried pork contained almost 90% flour only. Very cost saving, no? WL's salted fish braised pork or something like that tasted like kong po style instead. Not too bad, actually.

The bill came & we were amused by the amount to be paid.

Bad feng shui number or potential number for lottery strike? Quit rolling your eyes. I know it's lame but we both find it really peculiar. Especially when our net total was RM40.40 with service tax of RM4.04. It's lucky number 4 for me & WL. Hmm, maybe my darling should try his luck on a 4D lottery. After all, small bets are of no harm. ;)