Something new to look for (not)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finally, I've decided to change my blog skin after using the old one for several months. It's starting to get a little boring, isn't it? I believe the transformation is for the better, signifying a fresh new start. Anywhow, it's not exactly a new start in my insignificant life story.

Although nothing much has changed lately in my life except for the fact that my workload has increased significantly. I'm not exactly sure if I should be shouting happily about it as I'm currently in a confused state at the moment. No doubt you're given more tasks & responsibilities to handle when you've successfully gain others' trust. Could be signs of a future promotion, no? Or just another false hope?

But think about it...what if the workload is testing your capabilities to the max? And it didn't mean that you're lacking the abilities. It's just that the workload has become a burden that you feel guilty for not able to deliver as promised. Especially when the stack of paperwork which by right should be delegated to several people ended up piling high on your desk. Indeed you're delighted that your responsibilities have increased as it's a sign that people trust you. However, a part of you feels dejected at the same time. =(

It's a horrible feeling. What can you & I do?? Tolerate. That's the only word that can be applied on a universal basis in the outside world. If that word doesn't exist in your vocabulary, you risk losing your job no matter where you go. So where exactly can you go, huh? Start your own business then.