The revenge is not over

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The movie I've been waiting for such a long time has finally reach our shores.

Decepticons' leader, Megatron is back to seek revenge of a previously lost battle with the Autobots. With the presence of The Fallen & new robots being introduced throughout the movie, it had definitely got me glued to the screen. More robots meant massive robot wars & that equals to awesomeness XD. Much better than the first one. Not to mean that the first one ain't good but I'd say that the sequel sorta depicted the robots a little more accurately. At least the filmmakers did put some effort to stay loyal to the original.

I won't be saying much about the movie. You go watch it & be the judge. For me, the movie kicked ass! What else would you be keen to oggle at besides witnessing the gigantic robots battle among themselves? Ah, I know. The guys surely do gush over the hottest chick on the planet, Megan Fox. See how filmmakers are doing fanboys a favour. :P Of Not to forget the smexy cars featured in the movie. I think car enthusiasts are hyperventilating now.